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Poly Recycle of Maryland, LLC

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About Us


Established in 2005 as team of experts in every aspect of post-consumer plastic re-processing, Poly Recycle has evolved into a full-service plastic services company. The Poly Recycle team is strategically made up of professionals with expertise in collecting, aggregating, reprocessing, packaging and shipping to customized end-user specifications. We have an in-depth understanding of the markets and industries involved in using recycled/re-processed plastics in their manufacturing processes. We develop and implement operational processes and guidelines, quality control policies, system/machinery re-engineering and on-site management. As a result, we supply a consistently high-level quality of material.  We are an essential partner when it comes to sourcing re-processed plastic material.  Poly Recycle is a supplier of HDPE, PP, and PP Non-Woven materials.  We are able to supply over 2,000,000 lbs monthly.